CAN Mini I/O Interface

mini io assembled

CAN Mini I/O Interface enables interaction between CAN bus signals/messages and real-world signals or devices. Size: 2.5" x 1.6"

Whether it is a simple switch, warning light, or indicator or perhaps something more complex such as a frequency input or output, wheel speed sensors, thermocouples, etc... the CAN Mini I/O can handle the job.

Standard CAN bus compatibility:

• ISO-11898 standard physical layer
• Supports 250k, 500k, and 1000k bit rates
• Supports CAN1.2, CAN 2.0A, and CAN 2.0B
• DeviceNet data bytes filter support
• Standard and extended data frames (11-bit or 29-bit)
• Support for SAE J1939 protocol
Hardware Interface Options:

• 2 - Open Collector Outputs (5v/12v pullup, 100mA)
• 1 - Opto-Isolated Input (max 30v)
• 1 - PWM Output (10-bit resolution, configurable freq.)
• up to 4 - Analog Inputs (10-bit ADC conversion)
• up to 7 - Digital Inputs (TTL or Schmitt logic)
• up to 7 - Digital Outputs

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