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Zolfe GTC4: 

Currently developing and testing the Zolfe GTC4 sports car that will soon be introduced to the USA market . 

Re-engineering the CAN bus interface, electronics, electrical wiring design, data acquisition, power plant management and adaptation, and vehicle dynamics to create a street legal race car that is inherently "green". 

We are combining state of the art automotive technology in fuel efficiency, aerodynamics with an efficient use of existing EPA approved drivelines. With a FIA spec space frame, a one-piece fiberglass body and impressive power to weight ratios, the car has exceptional performance combined with great economy - Ideal for both road and track.

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Patent / Legal

US Patents - Granted

Shift synchronization using decaying torque
Method of synchronizing engine torque with vehicle torque load for accomplishing vehicle transmission shifting
6,553,306 System for controlling engine braking in a vehicle driveline
6,641,505 Method of preventing engine stall using automated clutch control
Clutch control for overcoming tooth butt
Adaptive shift sequencing
Vehicle transmission system with coast controls
Method of timed shift to neutral in apparent stationary modes
Method and assembly for controlling a centrifugal clutch
Dynamic modification of centrifugal clutch
Normally open clutch assembly device
Method of timed shift to neutral in apparent stationary modes
Variable engagement centrifugal clutch assembly
Method for controlling and regulating a transmission brake in an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Multi-function centrifugal clutch
Centrifugal clutch assembly with dedicated maneuvering mode
Disabling engine speed limiters during centrifugal clutch installation
Method for self-configuring automated mechanical transmission and electronic controller
Method of compensating for engine speed overshoot
Method for operation of automatic clutch apparatus
Method and apparatus for changing shift scheduling modes of automated mechanical transmission
Apparatus and method for jogging transmission neutral switch


Participated in the successful defense of eleven patents in federal district court and at the International Trade Commission:

Eaton Corporation v. ZF Friedrichshafen A.G. and ArvinMeritor, Inc. (E.D. Mich. 2003-2008). Unanimous jury verdict of no infringement of one patent and invalidity of two patents.

In the Matter of Certain Automated Mechanical Transmission Systems for Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Trucks and Components Thereof (I.T.C. 2003-2006). The Administrative Law Judge ruled that a redesigned product avoided infringement of all claims.

¨  Testified at the jury trial and both ITC hearings, as well as in ten days of deposition.

¨  Worked closely with the trial team during the five-year proceedings as a consultant and technical information source.

¨  Presented the technology and educated the trial team on how the accused systems operate.

¨  Intimately involved in the analysis of infringement and validity issues and the development of legal strategies.  


iPhone / iPad / OSX Application and Software Development

We design and develop iPhone / iPad applications. 

From consulting to design and development to marketing, we can work with you through every step to create a first-rate app.

• Consulting
• Spec Creation
• UI Design / Storyboarding / Wire-Framing
• Development
• Engineering
• Project Management
• Testing & QA
• Submission
• Support

These Sayware apps are currently available in the iTunes App Store

Get Gift Track at the iPhone app storeGift Track

perfect gift planner

Get Clothes Size at the iPhone app storeClothes Size

clothes size converter and tracks personal sizes

Diagnostic / CAN applications

I have J1939 CAN experience going back to the mid-1990's.  Beginning with the development of an automated manual transmission for heavy-truck customers such as Freightliner. I designed performance, diagnostic, and simulation algorithms in C. Including specification, implementation, and testing.

I have also managed the development and implementation of production-line programming stations using Visual Basic, C, SAE J1939, and SAEJ1587 protocols. 

My experience with measurement and diagnostic system includes CANalyzer, INCA, CANape, MCS/Gredi.

I have also written many scripts and helpers in the CANalyzer (CAPL) script language, as well as VBA macros and Perl or Perl/TK programs.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of CAN database creation, reverse engineering, and development work to support the Zolfe project.

Software Tools / Scripts / Data Management

Managed installation, startup, and development of a dSpace Hardware-In-the-Loop simulator, including initial specification, vehicle/driver/engine model verification, and overseeing ongoing development of automated testing protocols.

Managed the development of a calibration station, engineering test bench, and production test loopstand to validate hardware behavior after assembly. 

Developed open-loop simulator to improve software testing reliability and efficiency. 

Created Perl/TK-based data verification, manipulation, and extraction program. 

Created MS Access based lexicon for improved documentation of configuration and tuning parameters. 

Created Perl-based data file conversion utility to improve efficiency of data analysis. 

Developed and maintained issues tracking system, test criteria and reporting, resource procurement, resource allocation, and project requirements.

Product Development Process Support

Process improvement

8-D Problem Solving

ISO/IEC 15504 - Automotive SPICE

IEC 61508 - international standard for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety related systems.

FMEA - SFMEA's, DFMEA’s, vehicle integration FMEA’s, and other technical documentation.

Design Review Facilitation

Embedded / Automotive / Racing Product Development

Zolfe I/O Box

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