Automotive Product Development

 - Automotive embedded hardware, software, and calibration development

 - Test planning, integration, validation, and documentation

 - Technical documentation for internal and external customers

 - Testing definition and evaluation

 - Benchmarking (system and component level)

Program Management

 - Engineering Systems and Processes

 - Develop functional specifications

 - DVP&R test planning

 - Test reports 

 - System and software DFMEA’s

 - Vehicle integration FMEAs

 - Other technical documentation

Intellectual Property Consulting

Create or enhance internal systems to motivate IP development 

- Ideas: 


Nurture Creativity

Encourage Out of the Box Thinking


 - Disclosure Writing / Feedback

 - “Picket Fencing” the competition

Zolfe GTC-4 Engineering

Working closely with the Zolfe development team in the UK and USA, we have developed a technology that allows the Zolfe GTC-4 to run the installed Mazda emissions equipment and interface with the classic Zolfe sensors and gauges.

 Zolfe Sports Car

The GTC-4 runs with the MZR 170-bhp 2.0-liter engine and 6-speed manual transmission normally found in a Mazda MX-5 (2006 - 2009)

Recent Press:

The GTC-4 was featured in Road and TrackRead the article here!

Autotrader Classics wrote a nice article about the GTC-4 at Road Atlanta in December 2010! Read the article here!

Evo calls the chassis a "work of art" in this article.

Evo has a nice picture of the orange colored car in this article.

• Electronics Interface "Black Box"Development
- I/O Interface to Mazda CAN messages
- I/O interface to classic gauges
- Design, Assembly, Programming, Testing
• Developed and Programmed Interface to Mazda CAN
• Wiring harness engineering, analysis, and build
• Immobilizer function enabled
• Interface circuits for emissions equipment
• One-Wire Alternator Conversion
• Engineering Support during track testing days

Electron Controls offers a variety of engineering services. With vast engineering experience and facilities spread across the Southeast US, Electron Controls can cover your performance controls needs. 

Being able to determine “just right” comes from years of automotive electronics and controls development for both production car and motorsports manufacturers. Our team is also proud of the foundation that this experience is based upon: mechanical and electrical engineering degrees. 

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